Production Order Pro Screens
Production Order Pro's screens are simple to understand and navigate. The queues are in familiar grid format to make search and selection easy and intuitive.

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Order Screen

The heart of Production Order Pro. Orders are entered, cart numbers are assigned, and spots are produced from this screen.

Traffic Queue

Once an order is entered, it's routed to the Traffic Queue. Your Traffic Director assigns cart numbers, then sends the order to the Production Queue.

Production Queue

The Production Queue shows all spots waiting to be produced in start date order. Spots starting the following day appear in red, helping producers to easily assess production priorities. A production order is opened by double clicking a spot in the queue.

Cart Library

All cart numbers entered into Production Order Pro are listed here with their start and end dates and ISCI codes. Want to know what cart number that spot's in? Just do an ISCI search.

Order Grid

Referring back to an order done months ago has always meant a lot of time spent going through old files - until now. Just select your search criteria and click to open that order.